The CMAS 1* Star is the first level of your diving career. You learn the first steps of scuba diving and most importantly, how to enjoy it while keeping yourself and your dive buddies safe.

The course starts each year around October. It is held indoors and starts with lessons on correct swimming techniques before moving on to use of the equipment and some key safety and competence exercises. Theory courses are also included and a simple exam. The only equipment required for the pool part of the course is a mask, snorkel and fins. Once each student is ready and they have the necessary equipment (Wetsuit, gloves, boots, fins) they may progress to diving in the lake. For this we have very dedicated dive instructors. They will teach you everything necessary to keep yourself safe while you enjoy the underwater world. The N1 school ends with a traditional outing to south of France to do the last few dives in the Mediterranean Sea to achieve your first scuba diving level.

If you are curious but unsure if diving is the right thing for you: in October, before the N1 school starts we organize free trial sessions in the swimming pool in Varembe, Geneva. Feel free to contact us around this time.

With this licence you are allowed to go down to 20 m with an experienced N4 diver or a dive instructor.

For more details, see the official FFESSM document (in French): HERE.