(Our usual diving season starts in March and ends late December with diving outings taking place almost every weekend. We dive in nearby lakes, especially Lac Léman, from shore or from the boat (see more in our Dive Sites section).

The outings are accompanied by experienced club members and organised according to safety and security rules of the club and FFESSM.

Furthermore, there are normally at least two sea outings organized each year. The first to mark the end of the N1 school is held usually in May and allow the students to enjoy and celebrate. The second outing marks the end of the N2 school usually in September and caters for those students. These outings are typically in the south of France, Spain or Italy and include diving, accommodation and transport by bus.

As it is always nicer to dive together, we are in the lucky position that dedicated members offer to organize outings all over the world and making it open for others to join. Every year some of our motivated members of our club organise outings to exciting dive spots like Red Sea, Sicile, Croatia or Malta. Taking part in these outing is always an adventure full of great moments underwater, active social life and beautiful memories. 

Swimming Pool

The Varembe swimming pool is the place where we organise introductory training (N1 / CMAS 1*) from September to March as well as practice swimming or apnee. These sessions are in specific ‘club hours’ after 20h00 and open for all club members. There is the option of having a yearly pool subscription or an occasional entry ticket. Having access to the pool with a depth of 5 meters you can  try-out your new diving gear: regulators, fins, mask or a suit. 

Visit the official site of the pool at

Social Events

Besides the dive activities we meet for BBQs, traditional Spanish Paella, Raclette dinners or even snowshoe hikes.


All training offered by the club are recognized and approved by the FFESSM. The FFESSM is part of the international CMAS organization. This means your diving licence is recognized worldwide. 
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